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Beauty lies in what is Nothing.

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Name:the shénxiān who oversees death; bei dou
Birthdate:Jan 1
Bei Dou

With the appearance of a young boy, Bei Dou is an immortal, ancient being from China, who presides over death. He has taken on the role of ruler of life as a bet against the real ruler of life, Nan Dou, and has decided to create life that rules over death. This, he decided for pure amusement, as was the reason why he took on the bet with Nan Dou in the first place. He often plays yí with Nan Dou, and often spends time in the mountains. He is a snake charmer and summoner, a wizard and spell caster who is unbeatable in battle. He is a telepathic flute player who loves "nothingness" and sees it as the most beautiful thing. If you make a deal with him, by choice or not, he will not let you off easily.
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